Keys for a successful OnBoarding caLL

1. Add GCM to your Quickbooks Online Account

Add us to your QBO account by sending an accountant invite to the email address

Note: there is a difference between a regular user and accountant user – we need accountant user access. 

You can find detailed instructions on how to add an accountant user here.

2. Check Your Passwords

During your onboarding call we will be gaining online access to your bank and other important accounts such as your merchant processing account. 

To ensure a smooth onboarding, please be sure to have all of your banking, Paypal, and merchant account usernames and passwords handy.

Please check your usernames and passwords before the call. Resetting your passwords or gaining online access can be very time consuming and we want your onboarding call to be as efficient (and pleasant!) as possible.

3. Gather Relevant Bookkeeping Docs

If you have any additional documents that are relevant to your accounting or bookkeeping processes please have those on hand or share them in advance. Examples include: 

  • An organizational chart
  • Project tracking spreadsheets 
  • Any standard operating procedures for vendors, clients or employees 
  • Examples of current invoices
  • Any other documentation you use regularly to run the accounting side of your business
  • A list of current clients or projects

Thank you and we look forward to starting our work together!

The Good Cents Team