5 Tips for Getting Things Done

One of my DJ friends on Facebook posted this today and I am so happy it came across my feed. Even though the post is geared towards artists it contains some real productivity gems. I often find myself getting caught up in “busy work” which wastes the day, but leaves me feeling unaccomplished (oh how I do love a neat file cabinet or a clean desk – that doesn’t bring me in the big bucks however).

5 tips for getting things done

Here are a few of my favorite things…..

“To succeed, you have to turn up……. Professionals do; wannabes just think about it.”


“…he identified the devil on your shoulder that stops you producing creative works, and gave it a name: Resistance.


Resistance is what makes you sort through your sample library re-categorizing all of your loops and hits, instead of working on your tune. Resistance is what makes your hand move towards the Facebook bookmark to check your fan page, instead of working on your tune. Resistance is what makes you suddenly decide to rearrange your studio to put the speakers in a different place, instead of working on your tune…” Resistance in this office means organizing and reorganizing things.


“Every time you miss the mark, treat it as training – or if you like, as “nudging your guided missile closer to its target”. We always learn more from our failures than our successes. Without the little “nudges” that each almost-success gives us, we simply can’t hit our final, successful goal.”