Since 2007, Good Cents has enthusiastically provided small businesses with exceptional virtual bookkeeping and back-end accounting services. Good Cents provides a singular, boutique experience that provides your business with an array of financial operational services: from bookkeeping to HR to payroll to financial analysis.

Founded by Justine Lackey, a small business bookkeeping and systems expert for over 25 years, Good Cents boasts a team of over 12 from across the country; every member of our bookkeeping team is a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor – a unique distinction in our industry.

We are devoted to a culture of care. We partner with every client as if we were an internal member of your organization because we know all businesses are elevated by exceptional operational support.

We maintain a carefully curated client list in order to dedicate ourselves to the success of each business. As such, we accept clients on an invitation, referral, or application-only basis.


Confident Communication 

We fearlessly communicate with honesty and professionalism.


We are here to help, both our clients and our team members.

Proactive Problem Solving 

We are driven to find solutions, we make order out of chaos.

Excellence + Evolution

We are lifelong learners dedicated to exceeding expectations.

Joi de Vivre

Simply put, we’re fun. And we laugh – a lot.

One firm. full service.

Bookkeeping. Payroll. HR. Financial Analysis.