If you are like me, then you like it when you score a steal. Hey, you might even smirk a bit when you manage to save a few bucks, or a couple of (GOOD!) cents on a gallon of glass. If so, and you are an online shopper, check out this article from the NYT on:




Looking for a frugal find?  Read this from the article: “People can track the prices of certain items, receive alerts when a price declines past a certain threshold and get recommendations on where to buy items for the lowest price. For example, Shopobot can tell a user that a digital camera was $50 less on Amazon two weeks ago and is now least expensive on Newegg. Shopobot crawls the Web sites of 12 retailers, including Amazon.com, Newegg.com and Walmart.com, several times a day or every couple of hours for popular items. It does not accept feeds from the retailers like many comparison shopping sites because the retailers often misrepresent their prices, said Julius Schorzman, another co-founder, who previously worked at Amazon.”