good cents bookkeeping


If you put bookkeepers in the “frumpy librarian” category, think again. Bookkeepers are bombshells! This is the Good Cents ad campaign for the 2011 tax season, and the model is ME! CEO+Creative Director of Good Cents, Justine Lackey.


This particular ad campaign was my artistic pet project during the month of November and December. I worked very closely with my photographer Basil Rodericks of, my stylist/art director friend and confidante Diana Oberlander of the soon-to-be-launched, makeup artist Cheyenne, a hair stylist (sorry no web site), and my fabulous graphic designer Prim Chuensumran.


It was truly a labor of love (hey even my significant other played the part of production assistant). My vision, and my business, really works because I have a great team around me. Whether its my bookkeeping staff of six, or the creative people I yoke into helping me pull off stunts like this, it works! As a good friend told me today, “Teamwork is Dreamwork!” and I couldn’t agree more. (The friend is Adeola Alao, a young, talented director who will be shooting some vids of me this week.)


This project really expresses why Good Cents excels at our work. We understand creative professionals and artists, because I am an artist myself. I am also an excellent producer and have an extreme eye for detail which is why I can train my staff in my meticulous method of bookkeeping.

While bookkeeping might seem boring and tedious to most people, we try our best to have fun and be as efficient as possible. There is a reason why we are the number one virtual bookkeeping company in the United States.

I hope you enjoy the picture, and hey don’t forget to sign up for tax tips by clicking the tab above.

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