In case you have been hiding under a rock, the gorgeous Bad Girl Riri (aka Rihanna) released her BBHMM (Bitch Better Have My Money) video last week.

In it, Rihanna and her two henchwoman go after the “bitch” aka “The Accountant”.

The video is a wild adventure of crime, sex, drugs, rock and roll and pretty much the most amazing fashion I have seen in a video in the longest time.

But what’s is MOST interesting to me is that the word on the street is this is art imitating life.  You can learn a valuable bookkeeping lesson from Rihanna’s situation.  Her former accountant was obviously not doing the books right, pocketing a large chunk of money and draining Rihanna’s bank account.

bookkeeping lessons

Rihanna has called her former accountant a “financially impaired moron”. That was pretty kind of her……considering she learned he was netting 22% in commission from her tour, essentially making more money than she was!

Not only was the tour bleeding cash, her accountant failed to tell her about it. He also encouraged her to engage in a shoddy real estate investment that ended up in a 2 million dollar loss.

RiRi’s (former) accountant is, indeed, an incompetent bitch.

Sadly, this sort of crap happens all the time.

Many artists and business owners out there have a hard time keeping up with the books.  It’s not something that is taught when you are perfecting your craft and building your business.  Bookkeeping is necessary for all entrepeneurs; whether you are sitting behind a desk or performing on stage.

This is one reason you should keep your BOOKKEEPER separate from your ACCOUNTANT. The professions are distinct, and they serve as a check and balance system to make sure each is doing their job.

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