Time Independence – Is the Pot of Gold.

Being in business for yourself can be great. It can also be hard.


I’m one of those people who likes to check in with myself on a regular basis to count my blessings, and not my troubles. I recently read something that made me think about the freedoms my work life affords me.


Perhaps one of the best things about being self employed for me is, and has always been, time-independence. I don’t want my time to be controlled by a boss or by a job. Yes its true, my time is slightly controlled as I meet requests for clients, put out fires, and rise to the occasion (even when its a weekend and a real crisis calls for it). And of course there is always “real work” to be done which require hours of my time. But even with those constraints, I am still very time-independent. I own my days, and can design my life inside, and outside of, a traditional 40 hour work week.


I don’t know why, but this lovely post by the amazing Paulo Cohelo reminded me of this beautiful aspect of my life, and how very, very grateful I am for it.


Happy New Year! May you make the most of your time here on earth.

time independence