You might have heard that coloring books for adults are suddenly toping best seller lists.

And this isn’t surprising seeing that Carl Jung used coloring technics in his therapy sessions going back to the early 20th century.

Even before coloring became all the rage,  I used it as a tool to manage my fear of flying during a time when I flew back and forth frequently to the Middle East. At the advice of a professional, I would use coloring during those !fourteen hour! flights to destress and distract myself. And it worked.

Perhaps this is why when this little post popped up on my Facebook news feed the other day it caught my eye.

coloring exercises

A woman used a similar coloring technique to help her pay off $26,000 in debt. She created her own mandala so to speak, and colored in a bit of it every time she paid off a $100 towards her balance.

I think this is an absolutely GENIUS idea.

We all know you can find pages and pages, and books upon books, on how to pay off debt. Many of these tools are effective. Many of them are not.

Issues surrounding debt and money management are highly personalized and fraught with all sorts of emotional pitfalls. 

So much money advice out there is dry, systematic, and frankly dated.

We live in an age when most of our transactions aren’t even “real” they are just 0’s and 1’s moving across the digital landscape and from one database to another. A tactile tool, a get-your-hands-dirty-physical-process to confront big money issues is a refreshing idea in an often stale landscape.
Have you paid off a chunk of debt? What tools and resources would you share with others? Comment below and share your secrets!

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