The Doyle and Doyle signature collection.

I confess. I have a thing for jewelry. For years I was in denial about being a “girlie girl” but no longer. I fully embrace the part of me that appreciates a fine handbag, a great pair of shoes, or a nice set of diamond earrings (and lipstick. I HEART lipstick). Yesterday I was enjoying the gorgeous fall weather, strolling through the Lower East Side, when I came across this little joint:


Doyle & Doyle


The way the jewelry is displayed is genius, the pieces are curated like an art exhibit and hang in dainty little boxes on the wall. Tiny documents hang next to the display boxes, touching on the provenance, materials and asking price of each item. Beautiful, vintage estate pieces mix seamlessly with the Doyle and Doyle signature collection. There are, truly, some stunning piece of jewelry in this gem of a store.


Doyle and Doyle signature collection

Jewelry, when it is of high quality and unique, makes a lovely gift. And shoot….if you are like me and are steadily watching the price of gold rise, that nice gift might just turn into a purty little investment.