MUst know tax deadlines

Smart business owners plan for taxes, so be wise and add these important dates to your calendar. If you want reminders like this all year long, make sure you are on our tax tips and reminder list.

Use the Tax Calendar below to help you stay on top of tax deadlines.

tax calendar

As a reminder, the quarters for a calendar year are:

Q1: JAN 1 – MAR 31

Q2: APR 1 – JUN 30

Q3: JUL 1 – SEP 30

Q4: OCT 1 – DEC 31

  • Jan 15th – Fourth Quarter Estimated Taxes Due for Previous Year
  • Jan 31st – 1099s Due to Subcontractors/ W2s Due to Employees
  • Feb 28th – 1096 & W3s Due to the IRS
  • Mar 15th – Tax Returns Due for Corporations
  • Apr 15th – First Quarter Estimated Taxes Due AND Tax Returns Due for Individuals
  • Jun 15th – Second Quarter Estimated Taxes Due
  • Sep 15th – Third Quarter Estimated Taxes Due

Download the PDF version of this Tax Calendar by clicking the button below:

This tax calendar is for federal tax deadlines only. Most states have tax deadlines too, and they often fall in step with the federal tax calendar. If you are unsure what is due for your state, reach out to your accountant or Google “Tax Deadlines + Your State”.

Estimated taxes are usually based off your prior year’s tax return. If you see a huge uptick in business, or a huge downturn, make sure to have your tax professional adjust your payments accordingly.