Customized Bookkeeping Package




Its exclusive, its fast, and its only available to 10 people.

It is the answer to your bookkeeping dreams. You can get that pesky pile of bookkeeping off your desk, and scratched off your To Do list. My annual sale on professional bookkeeping services is here, and it isn’t going to last long.

customized bookkeeping services

Your Customized Bookkeeping Package Includes:


  1. An accurate and comprehensive QuickBooks file in either a Mac or PC format (your choice)
  2. All of your financial data entered accurately into QuickBooks
  3. All accounts reconciled to ensure that each and every transaction was posted to your file correctly
  4. A special one on one session with our professional bookkeepers to review all of your data
  5. A customized tax package for your accountant or tax preparer that includes your everything they need to prepare an accurate tax return
  6. A Digital backup of your QuickBooks file
  7. A 10% discount on 2011 services if you continue services with us this year


We offer all this for the low price of $997 which is a SIXTY percent discount off our normal monthly minimum requirements.

As a seasoned entrepreneur myself, I know cash flow may be tight. This is why you can sign up for a convenient installment plan of two or three payments billed three weeks apart. Installment plans are slightly more due to processing fees I must pay to Paypal and the processing banks.


Pay In Full Now For the Most Savings


2010 Bookkeeping Sale Pay In Full
Amount at checkout $997.00 USD


Two Part Installment Plan



Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $548.50 USD
Every 3 weeks (x 1) $548.50 USD
Total $1,097.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Three Part Installment Plan


Due* Amount
At checkout $385.00 USD
Every 3 weeks (x 2) $385.00 USD
Total $1,155.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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This offer is based on the entry and reconciliation of one bank account and one credit card account for service based industries. More financial accounts may require additional work and/or a fee beyond the scope of this sale. Client is responsible for sending Good Cents Bookkeping all relevant materials to complete bookkeeping work which may include one or more of the following: bank statements, credit card statements, QuickBooks Web Connect files downloaded from your banking institutions, backup receipts and documents as requested. Turn-around time is roughly 12-15 business days but our promise to you is to get it in your hot little hands as quick as possible. If you’re worried this scenario doesn’t apply to you, but you still want to hire our awesome bookkeeping services, please call Justine before you make any decisions to discuss ways Good Cents can help you. 914-432-7310