Moog Synthesizers



It’s not a secret that you can often hear House Music and down and dirty dance beats here at Good Cents headquarters.

In fact, Good Cents started in large part due to the electronic dance music and club scene in New York City. Some of our first clients were party promoters, DJs, electronic music collectives, and artists that made the economic engine of NYC hum and whirl back in the mid-90s.

Which is why, when this article about world famous Moog Synthesizers came across our desk yesterday, our hearts skipped a beat (pun intended).

How can’t you love Moog?

moog synthesizers

First – they literally changed the sound of music. You have listened to sounds made by their products probably a gazillion times. The Beatles (the Abby Road sessions – say what?!), Police (amazing!), Talking Heads (gamechangers!), Madonna (yes!), Herbie Hancock (love!), Beastie Boys (swoon!) and Daft Punk (wow!) have all used Moogs in their production.

So yeah – that makes them super cool. But what makes them cooler is they are a family run business, that despite the economic consequences, have kept production of their products in America. The have created a working environment that their employees love so much, some of them stuck with the company through NINE WEEKS of missed paychecks.

And now, as of this month, the employees of Moog now OWN the company. Only seven thousand of these deals exist according to National Center for Employee Ownership. It’s fascinating to learn that employee owned companies are less likely to fail and remain more stable through recessions.

Companies like Moog illustrate THERE IS A BETTER WAY. Companies and small businesses can thrive, and they can create environments where their employees do to. It’s not always about profit. It’s also about people. Congratulations to Moog for being a leader yet again!