L2 Innovation



Le Sigh.


Most women if given an infinite amount of money and time would choose to shop or lunch. Me? I would spend my time listening to audio books whilst simultaneously painting OR attending small business conferences.

L2 innovation

I love the business conference atmosphere because it’s like a pep rally for entrepreneurs. Or at least what I imagine pep rallies to be because I have never been the least bit interested in sports.


At biz conferences I get all juiced up on people’s enthusiasm, creative input, learning from experienced teachers, and by hanging with inspired entrepreneurs who are trying to make their shiz happen. In short its a high dose of optimism injected with some real world practicality and learning.


I picked up on the http://l2innovation2010.eventbrite.com from that lovable (yet slightly obnoxious) http://garyvaynerchuk.com who is one of the L2 presenters.


I asked Gary for a discount code for the measly $1,000 ticket fee. Let’s hope he remembers its my birthday at the end of this week.