I know. I know. You spent the ENTIRE holiday weekend looking forward to my Woman of the Week post this week. With all the wonderful women in my life it makes it a challenge who to pick next, but here she is, the one, the only, NINA KAUFMAN .


nina kaufman


Your Name and/or Your Business Name: Nina Kaufman, Esq. of Ask the Business Lawyer


What you Do: Save small business owners time, money, and aggravation by developing a strong legal foundation for their companies—through legal advice and education.


What you love about women entrprenuers and/or artists:Their optimism, their quick-thinking, their collaborative mindset, and their desire to run their businesses with integrity.


One thing you love about your business or your life: The endless opportunities to create, express, and share—and to learn volumes by being my own boss.


Your web site: www.AskTheBusinessLawyer.com


Justine on Why She Loves This Woman of the Week:


Okay. So I will be the first to admit it. I often am biased towards lawyers because they don’t exactly have the best reputation, do they? Despite my best attempts to be as open, receptive, and non-judgemental as I can be……what can I say? I am human and subject to sometimes stereotyping like everyone else. This is precisely WHY Nina is so awesome.


She kicks that “icky-lawyer” stereotype right to the curb because she is passionate and devoted to helping small businesses succeed. If you see how much knowledge Nina gives away FOR FREE via her blog and authorship of articles, you might find yourself saying its time we replaced the common phrase “Kill all the lawyers!” with “Love the good lawyers!”.


What else do I love? She specializes in working with partnerships which I have found can be an extremely challenging business form. You can liken her to one of those good marriage counselors smart couples seek out prior to becoming married; she helps business partners work out their kinks BEFORE anything goes wrong. She even made a kickass product to bring these concepts to the masses. If you are thinking of starting a partnership GET THIS THING!
Seriously, who can’t enjoy a product uses “BLEEP” in the packaging sub-titles, especially when its from a lawyer no less.


Lastly, Nina is a prolific writer, blogger and tweeter. She has articles all over the place (literally) and she’s so dope that Forbes says “Nina is one of the top 30 women entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter!” Don’t I know the coolest chicks?