Here at Good Cents, we are SUPER FANS of Gusto – a cloud-based payroll, benefits, and human resource management software.

Here’s why: 

1.) Gusto integrates beautifully with QuickBooks Online, which saves the Good Cents team time—translating into BIG savings for you.

2.) Gusto’s interface is beautiful AND user-friendly. We couldn’t love it more, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

3.) One of our favorite things about Gusto is the “self-onboarding” feature that you use to manage your people.

Using the Gusto system, you simply send an invitation to your employee or subcontractor. Viola! The person signs in, provides their tax forms and docs, direct deposit information and it’s all done! Human Resources onboarding is an amazing thing to delegate to technology like Gusto.

4.) With Gusto you can pay your subcontractors via direct deposit. Unlike PayPal, your subcontractors do not have to pay any fees to receive their money if they are paid through Gusto. Your subcontractors will LOVE this! 

5.) Gusto prepares 1099s for all subcontractors you pay using their system. Can we get an AMEN?!

Preparing 1099s is a real pain, and it takes gobs of time. With this handy, dandy Gusto feature, a huge task is removed from the GCB team’s plate. This translates to big, big savings for our clients because 1099 preparation is very time intensive. 

6.) Gusto is significantly cheaper than other payroll companies we have used. By a lot.

7.) Their customer service is fabulous!

So here’s the fine print – I do have to mention I receive an affiliate commission from Gusto. Other payroll companies have higher commission rates, but Gusto has a better product so they win my recommendation.

If you are ready to get set up with Gusto please click the button below to get started.

Wishing you wild success and buckets of money!

– Justine Lackey & The GCB Team