So I am very excited to announce Woman of the Week. Each week I will feature a woman in my life that I know and love. Most of the time the women featured in these posts will be fellow business owners. Other times they will be women who have influenced me, who inspire me, or who I just plain love.


On other notes I attended and it rocked my socks. There was more energia feminia in the room than a super nova on methamphetamine. There were amazing speakers on Day One, followed up by Day Two which consisted of various kickass workshops.


Day Two I took a Social Media and Sales class with Julie Steelman of who is a total freeeekin power house on selling. I walked up and gave her a hug (awwwww) at the end of class. What can I say? I couldn’t resist? Why?  Because her energy, knowledge, and passion was/is sooooo kinetic. I felt implored to follow up on the intellectual stimulation with some physical contact (meowwww!).


Julie partnered up with Kerianne Mellott who is ON POINT with her social media knowledge and insights. If you are an entrepreneur looking for social media strategy check her out!

woman of the week

The second part of the day I took a Vlogging workshop with Jenn Flaa. I learned about lighting (shit my vlogs suck!), content, camera shots and what to wear and not (solids in, prints not!). I can’t tell what was better, the class content or the content of the class; I shared the room with so many amazing women I am completely humbled to share my life with these women.


Do you have an amazing woman you love? If so, let me know about her!