Lora Sasiela – Woman of the Week

What’s hotter than a hot woman who knows her money stuff? Not much, so I have to let you know how completely SMITTEN I am with this weeks Woman of the Week LORA SASIELA.


Lora Sasiela


Your Name and/or Your Business Name: Lora Sasiela, founder of Financially Smitten


What you Do: I help women kiss their financial heartache goodbye and support them in living a financial life that is aligned with their goals and values. I teach them money coaching and financial therapy tips and tools that allow them to rock their money mojo! 😉


What you love about women entreprenuers and/or artists:I admire the passion, creativity, and tenacity of female entrepreneurs! The ones I like to hang with are on a mission to make the world a greater place, and each values their own unique contributions towards this goal. And, I love how we all support each other in such an authentically feminine, collaborative way. I truly believe we can and will change the world!


One thing you love about your business or your life:I am blessed with an innate ability to create a safe space that allows women to step out of the fear, shame, and isolation often surrounding money. I am passionate about supporting women to create a relationship with money that is grounded in clarity, consciousness, and confidence. It truly touches my heart and spirit when I witness these transformations, knowing that this healing regarding money issues has a ripple affect. It improves people’s lives not only today, but also into the future as women set new, empowered examples of money management and money conversations for others in their lives, including their children.


Your web site: www.financiallysmitten.com


Please come by and grab your free Money Makeover Kit, my gift to you!


Justine on Why She Loves This Woman of the Week:


New York, at times, can be brutal. The same might be said for the world. Which is why we need sensitives in our communities; people who you can confide in, feel safe and protected by, people that have a calming energy. And this is who Lora is. It isn’t an act, or a “game-face”, its the her natural way of being, a gift she was born with just as I was surely born with brown hair and green eyes.


Lora is also extremely generous with her information; both her web site and newsletters rock. I know. I know. THE NEWSLETTERS! Many of us get too many of them, but Lora’s is one of the only newsletters I consistently read and, more importantly, ENJOY! She recently sent one out that had the top ten financial blogs and I have it printed out and at my fingertips near my desk.


She has some really groovy events coming up, so not only should you download your free money makeover kit, you should click these links and think about attending one of her swank affairs.


You can check out her in person here at her How to Romance Your Money workshop in Red Bank, NJ. If you can’t make that she has some great teleseminars coming up which are listed on her company’s web site in the calendar section.


So onward mates. Get jabbed by the money cupid Lora Sasiela; I have been totally shot through the heart. I’m completely smitten.