Tobie Giddio – Woman of the Week



Most things in life, I believe, come full circle. When I came up with the idea of Woman of the Week I had to consider who would be my very first feature. I looked to my past to connect to my present; it is an honor to present one of Good Cents’ first clients, TOBIE GIDDIO as our very first Woman of the Week.


Tobie I began working together in 1997, she was my second client! To this day I have one of her beautiful drawings hanging in my office (Um….yeah…..added bonus to working with incredible artists? Acquiring a fabulous art collection!) Check out Tobie’s answers to my five fabulous questions and my note on why I love her.


Your Name or Your Business Name: Tobie Giddio


What you Do: Artist


What you love about women entrprenuers and/or artists:


Being self-employed allows you to completely blur the lines of work and play. Your entire life is an extension of the joy and love for what you are doing. I like my money to come from this place.


One thing you love about your business or your life:


This path is certainly not for everyone. It requires discipline and vision and some serious perseverance, it is the path of liberation. There is nothing in the world I would trade this life for and you kind of have to feel that way about it for it to work. Every choice has to be about what makes sense for the long run so not always easy but so worth it ultimately.


Your web site:


Justine on Why She Loves This Woman of the Week:


Tobie is both an incredible artist and an incredible person. I have been blessed to have her in my life for many years now and I know these two things to be true:


A.) She is a committed. Like really. She has both the ability, and more importantly the dedication to see beauty in the world and make beautiful things. It’s really hard to be that devoted to your vision or mission over years and years, but she has done it and I admire her for it.


B.)Tobie’s integrity is astounding. And why professional integrity is important, I am more drawn to her personal integrity. She is a moral, loving person who is incredibly sensitive and compassionate. She understands everyone is on their own journey and each and every person is individual and worthy of respect. I know this might sound “fruity” but let me tell you, in a city as superficial as New York, when you find these qualities in a person you want them close to you….always.


Tobie Giddio Illustration